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Looking for affordable and durable Waterproof Flooring? We have a wide selection of waterproof laminate flooring that comes in a variety of colors and textures. Our Waterproof Flooring will not only improve the look and feel of your home but it will offer give you peace of mind from everyday spills.

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EVERLWEAT- Everlasting II Weathered
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EarthWerks brings the freshness of nature indoors for a year round natural effect. Each one of our collections is quite unique, offering our customers an eye catching surface that brings a special look. Add elegance and sparkle to any decor with our EarthWerks Luxury Vinyl Collection or experience the timeless look captured by our EarthWerks Hardwood. Find the perfect complement for a beautiful room, whether its the elegant look of granite or the pure natural beauty of stone found in the mountains of Southern Italy.

R&R Products - Styles
Style Name(click to view) Warranty Installation Type
Noble Classic Plus  Lifetime Residential / 30 Year Light Commercial Click
Noble Classic Plus XL  Lifetime Residential / 30 Year Light Commercial Click
Parkhill Plank  Lifetime Residential / 30 Year Commercial 2G Fold Down Click
Parkhill Plus XXL  Lifetime Residential / 30 Year Light Commercial Click
Parkhill Tile  Lifetime Residential / 30 Year Light Commercial Click
Sherbrooke  30 Year Residential / 20 Year Light Commercial Click

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