Hardwood floors from Shaw stand the test of time with DuraShield and is a snap to install with VersaLock.

R&R Products - Styles
Style Name(click to view) Warranty Installation Type
Atlantic Station  Lifetime Res. / 15 Year Commercial Float / Glue
Aviator Plank  15 Year Float
Bella  Lifetime Residential - 10 Year Commercial Fold N Tap
Boardwalk  25 Year Float
Casa  30 Yr. Residential / 7 Yr. Commercial Float or Glue
Century Plank  Lifetime Residential / 15 Year Commercial Floating
Chatham Plank  25 Year Float
Dandridge  Lifetime Float or Glue
Easy Street Plank  Lifetime Float / Glue
Easy Style  Lifetime Float / Glue
Easy Vision  Lifetime Float / Glue
Galleria  20 Year Glue
Harwich Plank  25 Year Float
Infusion  20 Year Glue
Insight Plank  15 Years Float
International Avenue  25 Year Residential / 7 Year Light Commercial Glue Down
La Jolla  25 Year Float
Largo Plank  Lifetime Float or Glue
Largo Plus  Lifetime Residential Glue or Float
Merrimac Plank  25 Year Glue
Modern Twist  15 Year Float
Monterey Tile  30 Year Glue
Newport Beach  25 Year Float
Resort Tile  25 Year Glue
Resort Versailles  25 Year Glue
Retreat Tile  25 Year Glue
Rock Creek Tile  25 Year Float
Rodeo Drive  25 Year Glue
Stone Fusion  Lifetime Glue or Float
Sumter Plank LS  7 Year Glue
Sumter Plus  15 Year Glue
Sumter Tile  15 Year Glue
Sunset Strip  Lifetime Res. / 15 Year Commercial Float / Glue
Synthesis  30 Year Glue
Thoroughly 20  30 Year Glue
Thoroughly Modern 12  25 Year Glue
Thoroughly Modern 6  15 Year Glue
Union Square  30 Years Glue Down
Urbanality 12 Plank  25 Year Glue
Urbanality 20 Plank  30 Year Glue
Urbanality 6 Plank  15 Year Glue
Walden Ridge  Lifetime Residential Floating
Wanderlust  15 Year Float
Watercolor  Liftetime Glue or Float
Wilshire Boulevard  Lifetime Res. / 15 Year Commercial Float / Glue
World's Fair  15 Year Glue

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