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Looking for affordable, low-maintenance laminate flooring to refresh your home’s appeal? We have a wide selection of laminate flooring and waterproof laminate flooring that comes in a variety of colors and textures.

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Hardwood floors from Shaw stand the test of time with DuraShield and is a snap to install with VersaLock.

R&R Products - Styles
Style Name(click to view) Warranty Thickness
Ancestry  25 Year 3/8"
Antiquation  25 Year 5/16"
Avenues  25 Year 13/32"
Avondale  25 Year 8MM
Basque  25 Year 8MM
Belair  25 Year 8MM
Boulevard  25 Year 10MM
Brazilian Vue  25 Year 8MM
Breton  25 Year 8MM
Calais  25 Year 8MM
Canterbury  25 Year 8 MM
Caribbean Vue  25 Year 8MM
Castle Ridge  30 Year 15/32"
Chateau Walnut  25 Year 8MM
Davenport  30 Year 10MM
Designer Mix  30 Year 12MM
Fountainhead Lake  25 Year 8MM
Galloway  20 Year 1/4"
Galloway with Pad  20 Year Residential 8 MM - Including Pad
Grand Mountain  30 Year 10MM
Grand Summit  30 Year 10MM
Harbour Towne  25 FYear 12MM
Heritage Hickory  25 Year 8MM
Heron Bay  25 Year 9MM
High Road  25 Year Residential 10MM
Historic Walnut  25 Year 8MM
Islander  25 Year 8MM
Landmark  30 Year 12MM
Legends  30 Year 10MM
Lyon  25 Year 8MM
Majestic Grandeur  25 Year 8MM
Matterhorn  30 Year 10MM
Mt Everest  30 Year 13/32"
Natural Impact II  20 Year 8MM
Natural Values II  20 Year 7MM
Natural Values II Plus  20 Year 7MM
Parkside  25 Year 13/32"
Pinnacle Port  25 Year 12MM
Port Royal  30 Year 12 MM
Radiant Luster  25 Year 12MM
Reclaimed Collection  20 Year 7MM
Reclaimed Collection with Pad  20 Year 8MM
Reflections  25 Year 12MM
Riverdale Hickory  30 Year 12MM
Riverfront  25 Year 8MM
Riverview Hickory  30 Year 12MM
Ross Lake PR  25 Year 8MM
Skyview Lake  25 Year 8MM
Tacoma Hickory  30 Year 12MM
Tahoe Hickory  30 Year 12MM
Timberline  30 Year 12MM
Trestle Ridge  25 Year 9MM
Vintage Painted  25 Year 8MM
Westminster  25 Year 8MM
Wooddale  25 Year 8 MM

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