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Looking for affordable and durable Carpet Flooring? We have a wide selection of carpet that comes in a variety of colors and textures.

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Our founder, Bob Shaw, doesn’t do things halfway When he set out to reimagine the carpet industry, he did so with the intent of creating the best possible product. People love carpet and that it will always have a place in their homes. Our single focus is to provide the highest quality carpet possible at a great value.
We take our business personally Carpet is not a sideline for us—it’s all we make. We bring that same level of dedication and focus to all facets of our business. All our carpets are made in one of the largest production plants in the United States. We’re committed to quality, our employees, and our community.

R&R Products - Styles
Style Name(click to view) Warranty
Animated  Lifetime
Atrium  Lifetime
Blockade  Lifetime
Cantilever  Lifetime
Diversified  Lifetime
Essentials  Lifetime
Fanfare  Lifetime
Fast Break  Lifetime
Fiesta  Lifetime
Formation  Lifetime
Hoopla  Lifetime
Integrity  Lifetime
Prismatic  Lifetime
Renew  Lifetime
Revival  Lifetime
Revolution  Lifetime
Segment  Lifetime
Techtonic  Lifetime
Vestibule  Lifetime

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